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NumberBook Social is a social network base on MSISDN.
It is Free of charge and helps you to connect with people if available to public or to request for profile info if privacy enabled.
It helps you to connect with friends and family through social integration and number linking options.
It uses 3G/4G or wifi (when available) to message with friends and family.
You can switch from SMS to NumberBook Social Chat to send and receive messages, Audio, Pictures, and video messages.



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Awsome Features

Learn more about all the Services and Facilities that Number Book Social offers you.

No Need for An Address Book

The NumberBook Social app will automatically connect you with your contacts.

Your contacts who already have the NumberBook Social app, will be automatically displayed under “People You Know” and “Friends Of Friends”.

People you may know

Helps you connect with new friends and increase the chances to find the wanted person.

Social Chat

Free text and photo messages! Stay connected with your friends and socialize with people around you without having to pay for SMS.

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